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Our Innovation is driven by quality research to understand critical environmental challenges. Insights obtained are leveraged to build products that positively impact our environment and create a better future.


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Some of our Recent Research


Predicting the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Savings From Machinery and Equipment Rental Operations: A TempOwn Case Study

Carbon dioxide emissions have been on a steady increase. Customers now have higher expectations for sustainable products and services In the same vein, businesses are implementing ways to reduce CO2 emissions...

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Predicting The Green House Gas Emission Savings Of Reeddi Capsules Using The Emission Offset Of A Standby Generator.

The Nigerian power sector is challenged in generating and supplying stable electricity for over 200 million Nigerians living in the country. Driven to produce goods and services in the mixed economic system, many...

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Effects Of Fake Energy Products in The African Market.

The dumping of fake products in the African market is a menace. There have been recorded cases of low to zero consumer satisfaction, infrastructural damage and even loss of lives from the use and...

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