Rent Reeddi Capsule on TempOwn

Renting on TempOwn allows you to manage your Reeddi Capsule rental digitally. It’s easy, secure and fully insured.

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Visit the website

Go to Create an account, complete your KYC verification and set up your profile.

Search for Reeddi Capsule

Use the search bar or check popular items to find the Reeddi Capsule. Select it, read the details and check for availability.

Choose the nearest location

Proximity matters. Make sure to select the state and city closest to your pick-up.

Receive your Capsule

Once your rental request is confirmed, check out and make payment. Pick up your Reeddi capsule and enjoy reliable electricity on the go!

Rent Reeddi Capsules from Local Reeddi Ambassadors

You don’t want to go digital? We have an alternative for you. Our ambassadors drive the Reeddi Capsule adoption and will help you throughout the Capsule rental process.


Visit the nearest ambassador to you

Locate an ambassador outlet closest to you to place a rental request for the Reeddi Capsule. You can also send a direct message to us via WhatsApp.


Fill out the borrower’s form

To begin your rental process, fill out a one-time borrower’s form for identity verification.


Get your borrower’s card

After filling out the form, you will receive a borrower’s card you can use for future rentals.


Start renting the Capsule

Place a rental request, make payment (via Mobile Money, Cash or Bank Transfer) and pick up your Reeddi Capsule. You now have power in your hands to meet your daily energy needs.

Solar Powered Energy Station charges the Capsule Daily Rentals.

Reeddi Capsules are charged in solar-powered energy stations strategically located in our operating communities for easy access by local ambassadors and customers.

Customers with access to Smart Phones can also rent the Capsule (independently or with Solar Panels) through our proprietary digital infrastructure - TempOwn.

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The Reeddi Capsules are distributed using the Reeddi Crates

Reeddi ambassadors collect charged capsules using the Reeddi crate from the energy station to their storefront, where they rent them to prospective customers.

Depleted Reeddi Capsules are returned to the crates and taken to the station for charging.


Got Any Question?

We are always available to address any inquiries you may have. Kindly contact us if you have any questions.

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