We are Bridging the Accessibility Gap with Limitless & Sustainable Innovation

Reeddi’s product radically enables sustainable living and quality livelihood for a much better world.

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We are a Climate-Technology Company on a mission to make the future.

With uniquely researched innovation that addresses the critical needs of our target market, we have designed and built software and hardware solutions that address challenges from reliable energy access to essential equipment and machinery.

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World-Class Innovations

Reeddi Capsule

Rental Marketplace

Energy On The Go!

Reeddi Capsule provides clean and reliable electricity to meet your daily energy needs. Our proprietary energy system powers your TV, Camera, Light systems, Fan, Laptop, Tablet and other gadgets that keep you active for the entire day.

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Built for difference

Energy capacity: 154Wh (3.7V/41600mAh); Lithium-ion cell

Never run out of electricity!

With the portable Reeddi Capsule, you have power in your hands. Enjoy 24/7 clean and affordable electricity anytime and anywhere.

Reeddi Tempown

Save 40% of your electricity bill









Rent Anything! Anytime!

Experience more without the price tag! Save cost when you rent on TempOwn and earn more when you list your items and equipment for rent.

We Exist to Make a Difference

The idea of making a positive impact with every innovation drives us. Our products promote environmental and socially responsible practices and values.

Across our innovations, our activities till date, have offset


KgCO2 in our operating communities

Reeddi Tempown
Reeddi Tempown

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