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Our ambassadors are individual entrepreneurs, traders and SMEs operating in our target markets.


Criteria for becoming a Reeddi ambassador

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Have a Storefront

To be a Reeddi ambassador, you must prove that you own a store, shop, or a stable location where you generate a substantial amount of revenue from providing goods or services.

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Get verified

To confirm legitimacy and verify identity, prospective ambassadors go through Bank Grade KYC.

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Enthusiasm for Generating Revenue

Our ambassadors are part of our team. They represent us in our local communities and are equipped and empowered to meet the demands of our local customers with excitement and a good team spirit.

3 simple steps

How to become a Reeddi Ambassador.

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😉 Get Started

By filling an application form here. This is to show your commitment and get important information about you.

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👋 Get Verified

Wait for your application to be verified. A representative from the Reeddi team will reach out on the status of your application.

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🚀 Become an Ambassador

Voila! You are now a Reeddi Ambassador.

Become a Reeddi Ambassador

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