Pay in Instalments

Reeddi Capsule is a 200watts energy device. It provides clean source of energy and it powers Smartphones, Fans, Display Monitors, Led TVs, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, LED Studio Lights, Tablets, Laptops, Quadcopter drones, CPAP, and many other gadgets with power consumption below 200W.

The capsule has a fast charge technology and charges to 100% under 5hours. You can charge the capsule by connecting directly to a solar panel or to electricity (wall socket).


The capsule is manufactured to a high precision level, is durable and noiseless. The capsule can fit into mini bags, is environmentally friendly, with long-lasting battery life.

Accessibility and Affordability is our Goal

  • You can get the capsule at 3months to 6months financing plan at Zero% interest.

  • This plan involves an upfront payment of 25% of the cost of the capsule while 75% of the value of the capsule is financed and payable in equal instalments over 3-6 months as you desire.

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Requirements to Pay with Carbon Zero

  • Have a Carbon account. (Download the Carbon app and register to get this if you currently do not have one).

  • Ensure your account has been upgraded to KYC level 2. Click here to find out how to do so.

  • Do not have any active or outstanding loans with Carbon.


How to make a Request

  • Visit  and click on ‘Shop Now’ or follow the link here.

  • Provide your Carbon account number, select Reeddi, the item you want to buy (Reeddi Capsule), pick your location, choose a payment plan, and input your email address. If your location is not in the dropdown, kindly contact us on either of the phone-numbers below.

  • You would receive an email from the Carbon Zero team asking to share your bank statement

  • Once your statement has been shared, the Carbon Zero team will get back to you on a decision. This can take between 1 - 24 hours to get feedback.

  • If successful, ensure your Carbon account is funded with the down payment required plus the management fee stated in the approval email


Contact us on WhatsApp or Call: +234 915 555 8121, +234 812 121 2667