Reeddi’s goal in Africa is to make sustainable energy available and affordable for every African irrespective of income level. The energy is delivered in both AC and DC which makes the device capable of delivering valuable service in low to high energy operations to power phones, AC home electronic gadgets, AC/DC small refrigerators and household electronics owned by our target customers.


Our study reveals that more than 40% of daily expenses of businesses and individuals in Nigeria are spent on self-generated electricity; Reeddi reduces this cost to less than 10%. This improves the livelihood and earning capacity of our target market as they can now save more than 30% of their energy expenses and work toward improving their standard of living.


Reeddi systems are designed to simply meet the different energy demands of our customers. The interface of our energy distribution unit incorporates sockets and USB outlets easily accessed by our target market. Integration of USSD customer service interface systems with existing local Mobile Money platforms in Nigeria, and the cash payment option allows customers to easily pay for energy used.


The interoperable features of the systems make multiple combinations possible for higher energy capacity. Additionally, centralized energy generation systems are prefabricated for easy installation requiring only basic knowledge of electrical systems.


As the business expands its operations in Nigeria, it will create home-grown energy entrepreneurs through its franchise expansion model who will be locally trained and employed to manage Reeddi’s infrastructure, technology and daily operations.


Reeddi’s innovation also creates small and medium scale energy-based businesses in participating communities creating more jobs and independent communities with an improved standard of living.


Lastly, our clean and sustainable energy reduces the hazardous health and environmental impact associated with the use of fuel-based substitutes for electricity generation in our operating communities.