Reeddi Capsule are charged in Reeddi Energy stations strategically positioned in communities. The stations are powered with solar panels.

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Customers use Credit/Debit Card, Mobile Money, or Cash to rent fully charged Reeddi Capsules for a stipulated period of time.


Alternatively, customers can also  pay the rental fee  through Reeddi Mobile/Web/USSD Application.


Reeddi capsule is rented out for a specific period of time.


Customers have the flexibility to select their preferred rental duration for the charged Capsules.

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Customers use the Capsule to power Television, Laptops, Fans, Light Bulbs, Radio, Phones, Hair Clippers, Lightning Systems, Laptops and other Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) devices.


Customers return the Capsule after the rental time lapse or after the total energy capacity of the capsule is consumed.

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Customers claim their reward points after returning the capsule. The reward points are added to the customer's account and can be applied to purchase/offset any service offered by Reeddi.


Reeddi Energy Stations are uniquely positioned based on a unique machine learning model that collects and analyzes data harvested from the daily use of our  proprietary capsules

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