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Over 1.2 billion people presently live without access to electricity in the world and data from the UN shows that over 600 million Africans live without steady access to electricity. It is evident that energy poses a huge challenge. However, affordable access to clean and reliable energy will unlock national and global opportunities to over 70 million Nigerians currently living without power.


Reeddi sustainably provides clean energy at a price point that individuals and businesses operating in energy poor regions of the world can afford.


Our proprietary energy generation and distribution technology system integrates smart data harvesting and analytics technology. Our customer-centric, locally structured business model allows us to affordably provide electricity to Africans and the world at large. Operating an energy-as-a-service model through our energy distribution system ensures customers pay an affordable rental fee to easily access energy.


Reeddi's unique system was developed based on personal experiences of growing up in Nigeria and through an extensive energy study conducted in a bid to design our solution. We have interviewed over 200 Individuals presently lacking steady access to much-needed electricity.


Our solution is structured as a daily rental model to allow those on the lower income spectrum to effortlessly use our energy systems and gives us a competitive advantage in the market. Reeddi’s innovation targets individuals and small businesses living in rural and urban African communities where reliable and affordable energy access is still a challenge.